What Are Some Thanksgiving Party Theme Ideas
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What Are Some Thanksgiving Party Theme Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate with friends and family. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party this year, try one of these fun themes that can be used for either a dinner or a cocktail party. For those who don’t know how to plan holidays on their own, here is an idea for you.

Thanksgiving gifts

A great way to start any party is by setting out little thanksgiving gifts for your guests based on their interests or personality. This gives them something fun to dive right into when they arrive and can help break the ice as guests get acquainted with one another.

Whether you’re buying a gift to send to someone far away or you’re choosing something to take to your dinner host, gift basket experts like Hickory Farms have options for everyone.

For example, if the recipient loves a good drink to pair with their dinner, you can opt for a gift basket that has wine options. Or if they have a sweet tooth, you can look into selections that are filled with sweeter treats. And if you know you have a snacker on your hands, make sure to pick up a gift basket that has a large variety of meats, cheeses, crackers, spreads, etc. so they can enjoy a little bit of everything!

Even if not everyone can make it out to the holiday festivities this year, you can still send gifts to make them feel appreciated and loved wherever they are!

Tons of Turkey

If you’re looking for a theme with a lot of focus on the main course, then “Tons of Turkey” could be it. This theme works well if you have lots of friends and family who love turkey as much as you do. For example, you can consider having a Thanksgiving potluck or making your own version of traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as turkey sandwiches, burgers, casseroles and more (if you want to be really festive). The best part about this theme is that it doesn’t exclude any other meats from being served at the party–hams are always welcome additions to any holiday meal.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a popular Thanksgiving theme, and it’s perfect for both young and old. Kids will love the harvest moon pop-up card—a fun craft to make with your guests. The moon can be hung up in your home as a decorative piece, or you can use it as part of your table setting (with other harvest-themed decorations).

Adults will enjoy the rich color palette used throughout this theme: from deep reds and oranges to bright yellows and greens, this palette evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

Thanksgiving desserts

Dessert is the most lurking part of any Thanksgiving feast, and it’s no different for a party. Serving some traditional favorites will be sure to please everyone. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie are always crowd pleasers (you could also make sweet potato pies if you want to be fancy). Sweet potato casserole is another classic dish that can’t be ignored!

If you’re still looking for Thanksgiving party ideas, these ideas might have helped. Whether you go with the traditional turkey theme or something a little more adventurous, there are many ways to make your next holiday gathering a success.

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