How to Create an Effective Social Media Contest
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How to Create an Effective Social Media Contest

If you own a business, you should definitely use social media to boost sales. Marketing on social media can enhance your sales, unlike any other form of marketing. One way to instantly grow your followers, sales, and engagement is to conduct social media contests. It is an increasingly popular way to make your brand visible to your target audience. As everyone loves winning prizes, this technique can create buzz around your brand! So consider creating an effective social media contest today.

If you are wondering how to create effective social media contests, read this blog!

Six Effective Social Media Contest Tips

You should know the elements of an effective social media contest so you can conduct a successful one.


There are several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. As a brand, you should know where you could find potential customers. No need to stick to one platform. You can choose as many as you want to. If you are choosing multiple platforms, know your chosen platforms’ rules before you start. You can Google them and read them carefully to know the dos and don’ts. For example, Facebook has laid out the rule that you must acknowledge that it has not sponsored the contest. Moreover, you cannot use your personal account to enter the contest. If you break the contest rules, your account will be suspended or blocked by the social media platform.

Set Your Goals and Budget

Once you have chosen your social media platforms, it is important to ensure you have a clear idea about the goals you want to achieve. Make sure you only prioritize realistic goals that can add value to your business. Also, decide your budget for the overall contest. Do not get carried away and spend excessively. Spending more money does not necessarily mean you will achieve your goals. Instead, you should conduct the campaigns smartly. For example, you can offer your products along with discount vouchers to attract the audience.

Find Influencers

You can collaborate with an influencer if you want to ensure that your contest is an instant hit. Social media influencers come with an audience all over the world, and they can promote your brand easily. They have huge followers who trust them and this can boost your sales and raise brand awareness.

You can conduct live sessions and host contests with the influencer so customers can stay hooked. Live video is a popular method to connect with a potential audience in real time so they can feel excited and valuable. However, an unreliable internet connection can frustrate your audience, and they will leave the session even if they win the contests. This can negatively impact your brand’s image. You can subscribe to HughesNet internet and conduct uninterrupted live sessions without any hassle, even if you are in some terrestrial place. With HughesNet, you can choose any plan that fits your needs. You can dial HughesNet phone number for more information regarding their internet packages.

Captivating Visuals

To keep the audience hooked, you should use strong visuals that resonate with your contests. Your graphics can include your logo, carousel, and cover photos. You can even create short videos to promote your contest. This can maximize the impact of your content, and the audience is likely to participate.

The Timeline of Your Contest

The timeline of your social media contest is of utmost importance. Remember you have to create hype about the contests! Do not conduct too short or too long contests otherwise, your audience will lose their interest. For example, if you offer something grand, you can keep the audience excited for at least a week. However, if you are doing a Twitter contest with a small price, then the contest should last for a day or two only.

Analyze and Reflect

Your job does not end when the contest is over! Once you have announced the winners, thank everyone for participating. You can create short personal messages for the audience. Those who participated are already interested in buying your products and can be easily converted into customers.

One great way to do this is to offer discounts to those who participated or vouchers. You can even keep them hooked by giving more giveaways to them. You can check the reports to see how many new followers you gained or how many products you sold. Reflect on what went right or wrong and how you can conduct better contests next time.

All in All

Without using effective strategies, you can never achieve your goals. Therefore, we hope you are going to use the ideas mentioned above to create an effective social media contest strategy. With these tips, you can boost your brand’s presence and engagement, and this can help you ace the competition.

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