Effortlessly Track Your Reps with Our Rep Counter App for Apple Watch
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Effortlessly Track Your Reps with Our Rep Counter App for Apple Watch

Whether you are a casual exerciser or a dedicated weightlifter, keeping track of your reps during a workout is critical to progress. Manually counting each rep can be tedious and distracting, potentially causing you to lose count or lose focus. Thankfully, the Train Fitness: AI Workout Tracker app for Apple Watch provides an effortless solution to accurately track your reps so you can focus on your workout.

The Importance of Tracking Reps

Tracking your reps, or repetitions, during a workout provides key data to help you improve over time. By recording the number of reps, you complete for each exercise, you can ensure you are progressively overloading your muscles to continue gaining strength and endurance. Tracking reps also allows you to set concrete goals to work towards to stay on track towards your fitness objectives. For example, you may aim to increase your rep count for certain exercises by 5-10% each week.

How the Train Fitness App Works

The Train Fitness: AI Workout Tracker app utilizes the latest AI and machine learning technology to automatically detect and count your reps during strength training workouts. As you perform exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, or squats, the app will track your wrist or arm movements to count each rep. Your rep count and workout details are displayed on your Apple Watch in real-time and synced to the Train Fitness iPhone app for review post-workout.

Using the Workout Tracker App

To use the Train Fitness app during your workout:

Open the Train Fitness app on your Apple Watch and tap “Start Workout” to begin tracking your session.

Select the specific type of workout you are performing from the options including:

  • Weight Training: For tracking a workout with dumbbells, resistance bands or weight machines. The app will detect common exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc.
  • Bodyweight Training: For workouts using just your body weight like pushups, squats, sit-ups, etc.

Perform your first exercise while wearing your Apple Watch. The app will automatically detect the exercise and begin counting reps. Your current rep count will display on the screen.

Complete all sets and reps of the exercise then rest as needed. Tap the “Next Exercise” option on the screen or perform a different exercise and the app will automatically move on to detecting the new movement.

When your workout is complete, tap “End Workout”. A summary of your workout details including total time, calories burned and a breakdown of all exercises and reps will display on your watch. The same details will sync to the iPhone app for review.

Benefits of the Train Fitness App

There are several benefits to using the Train Fitness workout tracker app for your strength training:

  • Accurately tracks your rep count for each set so you can focus on proper form and pushing yourself to the max. No more losing count or missing reps.
  • Provides real-time feedback on your stats during the workout including current rep count, time elapsed, heart rate and estimated calories burned. This can help motivate you to push for one more rep.
  • Syncs all of your workout details to the iPhone app post-workout so you have a comprehensive log of all your gym sessions. Easily track your progress over time and ensure continued gains.
  • Works automatically using advanced AI to detect a wide range of strength training exercises. No need to manually enter details or start/stop the tracking for each movement. The app does the work for you.
  • Customize the types of workouts and specific exercises you want to focus on. The app learns your routine over time.
  • Set weekly goals for workout frequency, duration, and reps to help you stay on track. Get reminders on your watch if you’re falling behind your goals.

Why You Should Try the Train Fitness App

Whether you’re just getting started with strength training or you’re a seasoned gym rat, the Train Fitness workout tracker app can help take your routine to the next level. By seamlessly and accurately tracking your reps during every workout, you’ll have greater insight into your performance and progression over time. Set concrete fitness goals and actually see yourself achieving them week after week.

Stop losing count, missing reps and forgetting your personal bests. Let the Train Fitness: AI Workout Tracker app do the hard work for you so you can focus on what really matters – gaining muscle and crushing those PR’s! Download the Train Fitness app for Apple Watch today to get started with a free 7-day trial. Your best workout is just one tap away!

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