A comprehensive guide to choose the right capacity of power banks this year
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A comprehensive guide to choose the right capacity of power banks this year

Picking the right power bank capacity is crucial if you’re looking to buy such a product. Since prices will differ, you don’t want to get more than you need and stick to the right budget. But there will be times when the power bank capacity can benefit you. That’s why we wanted to make a quick guide and help you pick the right power bank capacity that fits your needs.

What power bank capacity should you choose?

The thing you need to realize is that the more capacity you have, the more power you will have for your device. However, the actual capacity is around 2/3 of what’s rated, as there are things like charging/conversion energy losses. If your device has a battery of around 4000 mAh and your power bank has 10000 mAh, then you should expect to fully charge your device twice, or close to that.

If the device you want to charge has a much larger battery, like a tablet or even a laptop, you will need a larger power bank. That’s the way you want to approach things. Check the battery size for your device, and then go for a power bank that has a higher capacity to ensure you can fully charge your device at least once.

When should you use the most common power bank capacities?

Generally, a 5000 mAh power bank is great for commuting, and it will give your phone the extra juice that it needs to get through the day. If you’re a heavy phone user or you go away for a day without the charger, a 10000 mAh power bank is the better option.

Laptop and tablet users will do better with a 20000 mAh power bank, because this is where they get enough power to charge their device at least once. However, if you’re a person that travels often or goes camping for more than a day, you should consider 50000 mAh power banks or higher. That way you can charge more than one device at once, while still having enough power to cover multiple days.

Veger offers Power Banks in Wide Range of Capacities & Power Output

Veger is a leading manufacturer and provider of power banks, offering a wide range of products with various capacities and features to cater to different needs. From compact 5000mAh models to high-capacity 56000mAh power banks, Veger has a solution for every requirement. What sets Veger apart is their commitment to safety standards, ensuring that their power banks meet the highest quality and reliability standards in the industry. With multiple ports and different output voltages, Veger power banks offer versatility and convenience to users.


As always, it comes down to what you need to charge and what devices you use. Ensure that you find the right capacity for your device and maybe have the opportunity to charge it more than once. That’s how you know you got a powerful, reliable, and efficient power bank!

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