8 Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2023
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8 Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2023

2023 is the year for businesses! So, if you pay heed to your marketing techniques, then no force can stop you from becoming number one. One way via which you can pay heed to your marketing is to listen to top marketing podcasts. Listening to podcasts is one way to have access to a vast amount of information. According to Statista, there are currently almost 120 million podcast listeners worldwide. So, imagine the number of quality podcast platforms catering to the needs of a huge audience.

We have listed some of the top marketing podcasts that you can listen to and understand how to market your products as per industry standards.


Jay Acunzo has started this podcast platform in which he talks about the struggles and stories of famous businesses and their owners. Jay has created amazing podcasts that can inspire business owners to think creatively and kick-start their journey. Jay is on a mission to help people understand what matters the most in businesses instead of running after the ones that does not.

You can listen to his podcasts from anywhere in the world! However, just ensure that you have an excellent internet connection. If you are in Lexington, Kentucky, then you can get the best internet connection if you subscribe to Windstream. You can rely on this provider for all your internet needs, whether streaming videos or playing games. A quality fiber internet connection is offered that can help you listen to your podcasts easily.

iDigress by Troy Sandidge

Troy Sandidge has a unique way of talking about trendy marketing frameworks on topics such as sales or customer journeys. He uniquely engages the customers, so they are interested and inspired to scale their business. Moreover, Troy provides unique and necessary solutions to maximize your business’s success. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes or less, so you can try listening to one today!

The Revenue Marketing Report

Camela Thompson is the host of this podcast session, and she turns every podcast into a learning library. Every episode has a blog post with highlights of the show. This makes it easier for you to access the highlights in the text form to enhance your understanding. Moreover, her podcast sessions aim to help marketers understand the business. These podcasts can teach businesses a lot about how to boost their revenues.

Everyone Hates Marketers

The podcast’s name makes this podcast worthy of your time. Louis Gernier aims to make marketing easier for people through this podcast. In his weekly episodes, he talks about marketing, branding, content marketing, and so on. He does not exaggerate the topics instead he talks about solid marketing strategies that can boost your revenues. After listening to the podcasts, you will understand the techniques you must adopt and the ones you must leave.

Marketing School

This is one of the most popular marketing podcasts that you should listen to! In this, the famous marketer Neil Paten and the CEO of Single Grain marketing agency try to cover the essential marketing topics. They have already had over 1,900 episodes, so you will get to learn marketing in depth if you start listening to this channel.

Perpetual Traffic

If you are struggling with daily commutes and traffic, then you should start listening to this podcast! As its name suggests Ralph Burns talks about how to drive more traffic to your business. This podcast is amazing for social media marketers as it takes into account Facebook ads and other important social media aspects as well.


You must have heard the name of Seth Godin, the famous author, and business executive. He talks about the important skills that are needed for marketers to excel in their marketing game. The skills that we underestimate can help us excel in marketing. Each episode challenges the person to think about tips and strategies for their next marketing campaigns. So, do start listening to this one.

This Old Marketing

Content Marketing Institute creates this podcast session to help businesses understand how they can retain customers. In each session, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose talk about the latest content marketing trends that can help businesses attract and retain customers. This podcast can help you understand the importance of content marketing and the new techniques that you can use to pace up your marketing game.

In Brief

There is no denying the fact that businesses have faced a lot of challenges over the course of technological advancements, the pandemic, and changing economic conditions! Therefore, you need to focus on the latest trends as a business. But to do this, you need to stay alert! This time, podcasts are there to help you out. So start listening to the ones listed above so you can stay on top of the marketing game.

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